Viva Companions Crypto Fund I

Viva Companions Crypto Fund I is a long-only quantitative strategy fund focusing on investing in crypto assets. Based on our judgment that the crypto asset market will continue to be bullish in the next two years, we use a combination of spot, options and perpetual contracts, assisted by quantitative tools, and subjectively long as the basic strategy.

We will leverage the team's experience and model in the traditional financial market, integrate subjective strategies with quantitative trading, combine the characteristics of crypto assets, and replicate our good historical performance in the traditional financial market.

At the same time, based on the team's rich experience in investment and entrepreneurship in the crypto industry, we will strategically cooperate with OpenEx Exchange as its ecological fund to invest in the advantageous projects of the exchange ecosystem in the primary market, and participate in its market-making and high-frequency trading in the secondary market, so as to achieve primary and secondary linkage and maximize the use of bull market dividends.

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Tailored strategies for effective risk management to maximize returns.
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Creating diversified investment portfolios for stable growth and returns.
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Comprehensive insights to make informed investment decisions.

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